Thursday, March 4, 2010


Mod Podge-ing has been around for what feels like forever and I am rediscovering this fun stuff.  My inspiration comes from:  This site does rock.  Go see what they have done with the Mod Podge!!  In fact the following photos are from there.

Not pretty, huh?

Love it!!!  Inspiring, awesomely great!!  Can't even tell it's the same dresser. 

So being a newbie podger, I opted to start small.  Found these great frames at:
So I just followed along & voila!!

A not so pretty wood picture frame, in fact I believe the color is hunter green.

You can't see it but I painted the edges white.  I used a piece of scrap book paper to podge with.  Now my frame is beachier and less country-er.  Just need to add a picture and I'm done!!  Not bad for my first time.  I had fun anyway, made me feel crafty when in reality, I'm not.